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Express realism Paintings that express a sense of realism not found in photographs
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PHILOSOPHY A sense of realism conveyed by "realistic painting.
A visual tangibility that cannot be conveyed by words alone.

Seiji Tokushige is an oil painter who specializes in realist painting (realistic painting with figurative painting).

The appeal of realism painting is that it directly conveys the artist's own gaze.
The viewer of the work is made to identify with the artist and the object that the artist is looking at, and is made to feel the presence of "staring" from looking. There are various ways of expression in figurative painting, and among them, realistic painting is a way of expression that is particularly close to reality. The painter Seiji Tokushige has continued to create his works with a focus on this realistic expression. The artist says, "Abstract painting is a form of imagery.

Abstract paintings provide the viewer with imagination and space, while figurative paintings provide an "encounter" and "awareness" of the reality that cannot be conveyed by information processing alone.
The artist paints each piece of work as if it were proof that he is alive today. He believes that "realism" is a style that does not allow for compromise in terms of the social role and potential of what is created as a responsibility of the creator. Painting is the reality of the artist's life. I hope you will enjoy this exhibition of the artist's approach to the "now.

Oil-painter ARTIST Mr,Seiji Tokushige
ARTIST MESSAGE People can make high-purity treasures with their creation.
There is no time to get lost in individuality.

Creators are sometimes confused by the theme of "individuality" or "self". This is a very luxurious problem. In the days when we couldn't even eat our daily meals, how could we be bothered with "selfishness"? Would you have tried to focus on your individuality in a painting you were commissioned to do by the royal family or nobility? The best place to land would have been to create a treasure for the client.

In the modern age, there are many people who pedantically claim that being different from others is individuality, or who see different expressions, arguments, and ideas as their own personality. In fact, almost everyone calls it individuality. I think it is because it is "easy to say and understand. I can't help but think that the lye (aku) that defines our habits, defines our tastes, intensifies our smells, and sharpens us to any extent is a treasure of art. I think the opposite is true. I want to believe that 99.99% is given to me by the external environment and 0.01% is unique to me. I'd like to believe that 99.99% is given to us by our external environment and 0.01% is unique to us, and I think that's more dramatic.

Viktor Frankl says that there are three categories of value that we can achieve: creation, experience and attitude. I would like to devote myself to my work every day without forgetting to be grateful for the opportunity to create and explore through art.
I sincerely ask for your continued understanding and support in the future.

painter Seiji Tokushige

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