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To those who are viewing this page

Until now, we have been accepting orders for our paintings by referral only. However, now that we have opened our website to the public, we would like to offer our realism paintings to as many people as possible.

This is a sales position, but there is no need to commute. This is a job that can be considered as a side job. We will pay you a kickback of the sales price for each project you introduce (official order). However, the selling price will vary depending on the size and content of the work. If you are interested in this project, please contact us first.

Application Guidelines
Available Positions Sales
Application Requirements something not asked about
application form this siteContact Usto apply for a sales position
pay Commission system (10% of sales price)
Trial period No question (can be)
various allowances none
Give and Change Based on our regulations
bonus Based on sales performance
work location free
office (business, working) hours No restraints at all
holiday vacation don't care
insurance none
Labour and Welfare none
education system none

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